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Tree & Stump Removal

When should you remove a tree?
While tree removal is always a last resort, sometimes there are situations where it is necessary.

  • The tree is over crowding other trees.
  • The tree is dead or dying.
  • The tree is considered unsafe.
  • The tree is planted to close to your house or other buildings.
  • The clearance of trees for bushfire reasons

The Tree Fellers can help you decide whether or not your tree should be removed. We have the equipment and skills to remove trees & stumps safely and efficiently.

Tree Lopping & Pruning

We will work with you to determine whether your trees need to be lopped or pruned to maintain or improve the health, appearance of your trees.

Some reasons for wanting Lopping or Pruning;

  • Thin or remove unnecessary or dangerous branches, eg interfering with power lines, gutters, windows etc.
  • To Enhance the health of your trees
  • Need to prune out diseased or dead limbs.